Twinning Weekend - Lichfield - 3-6 Oct 2014

In 2014 Lichfield hosted the twinning.
The weekend got of to a damp and dismal start in Market Square, but that didn't stop the Town Cryer and various musical groups doing their stuff, before we took our visitors to the Cathedral.
Later on, we took the visiting St Foy players to the Black Country Museum at Dudley, to see how Britain used to be.
Everyone in the back of the truck to get down to the reconstructed village, then a good walk round the exhibits kept us busy for a couple of hours.

They loved it!

And before leaving, a few pics of the visiting team members were taken, with Lichfield players gatecrashing a couple.

Saturday evening was time for the official Twinning Friendship Evening, this time held at Drayton Manor.
A great time for socialising and to get to know the players from the other towns.
Sunday was Tournament Time, with all eight of our tables in use to cater for all the matches.
Two-person teams played in groups of four, and this kept everyone occupied for the two hours we had on court.

We were later joined by dignitaries from all the towns, and we even managed to get a couple on the table to try their skills.

Teams were organised in order of strength/ability, and thus competed on a pretty similar level.



The three leagues were won by St Foy (above left and centre) and Lichfield (above right).

We then exchanged souvenirs of the occasion with representatives of the Limburg and St Foy teams (left and right).

After the match, we all moved on to the George and Dragon, where the visitors were treated to a traditional British roast Sunday dinner.

Afterwards, everyone had the chance to handle a selection of birds of prey, kindly provided by Bob Park, of Armitage Bird of Prey Centre. The Eagle Owl was a massive favourite, but the owls were cute!

That's him bottom centre.

Once again, a great time was had by all involved in the Twinning Weekend, and we looked forward to the next one.