Twinning Weekend - St Foy - 6-9 Oct 2017

As part of the 2017 Twinning Weekend, Lichfield TTC sent a team to compete against St Foy and Limburg.

On the Saturday we took part in a riverboat ride up the Rhone, getting a great view of the Basillica (centre) some scenic mural-painted buildings (right) and old bridge towers (left)
The team gathers together (right) and Cyril and Di get their award for being the best of the Lichfield teams.

St Foy won the event, beating Offheim (Limburg) in the final - left.

And all three teams gathered for a big photo to mark the event.

After the event Lichfield TTC Chairman Dave presented engraved gifts to Offheim Chairman Stefan (left)
and St Foy Chairman Rene (right) as a token of friendship.


The weekend concluded with a Friendship Evening meal, enjoyed by all LTTC players.

A night view of the Basillica from river level (left).

Local paper "Le Progres" covered our visit, and Dave and Di even got a photo included.

Many thanks to our hosts, on behalf of Lichfield TTC players Dave Knight, Di St Ledger, Mark Balant,
Klaus Strohle, Alan Thorne, Cyril Merriman, Conor Balant, Zoran Djurkovic and partners.